San Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photographer

When was the last time you were photographed professionally? Experiencing a professional portrait photoshoot and getting beautiful legacy images of yourself is now within your grasp. 

Considered one of the premiere portrait photographers in the San Francisco bay area, Jason Guy creates timeless portraits for people of all ages and body types. My mission statement is to take the best picture you have ever seen of yourself. By simply showing you how beautiful you already are I hope to ultimately change the way your see yourself and create timeless legacy images that will last your lifetime and beyond.

Jason Guy - San Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photographer

Weather you need studio portraits, family portraits, senior portraits, creative portraits, fitness portraits, or personal branding / professional headshots for your business I can help you with that. With my expert coaching you don't need to worry about looking awkward in front of the camera. I know what beautiful looks like and I can help guide you towards it and capture it, so worry not! 

Bay Area Studio Portrait Photographer

Studio portrait photography is another popular way to have your portrait taken and is done at my photo studio in Sonoma, Ca. Studio portraits are a simple, timeless and an elegant alternative to on location portraiture. Consultations at my portrait studio are by appointment only, so please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to get something scheduled.

Bay Area Senior Portrait Photographer

Make your senior portraits uniquely you with a photoshoot custom tailored to you! You can choose to do your senior portrait session on location or in studio for whatever style you have in mind. Have a hobby you'd like incorporated into your photos? No problem, I can do that. Every senior session comes with professional hair and makeup for the girls, and everyone will be expertly coached by me to look their best.

Bay Area Family Portrait Photographer

Your family portrait session can be done either in studio or on location. If you have a specific location in mind of where you'd like your family photos taken, that's fantastic and I'd love to hear your plans. Additionally there is no additional charge to doing your family portrait session anywhere within 1 hr of my home studio in Sonoma, CA.

How Much Does a Portrait Photoshoot Cost?

My pricing and package information for portrait sessions are public and downloadable on this site. Simply go to the portrait guide download link here, enter your information and you will receive a downloadable link via email to my portrait guide. As always there is absolutely no additional charge to do your portrait session at any location within 1hr of my home studio in Sonoma, Ca. 

Hair and Makeup Provided for Every Portrait Session

It's important that you not only look great in your final portraits, its also very important to me that you feel beautiful while you are being photographed. This is why I include hair and makeup services with every portrait session. My hair and makeup artists are experts at applying makeup to look good on camera and will come up with a custom look for you that enhances your best features. 

Expert Coaching

Many people worry about looking awkward in front of the camera for their portrait photoshoot. Comfort in front of the camera is my job. I know what beautiful looks like and I can help guide you towards it and capture it. Portrait photography is my specialty and with my expert coaching, you can rest assured that you will love your final images.

Personal Branding

When you are your brand, your portrait is often the first thing your clients will see when connecting with your business. Don't let that first impression be a shoddy picture that doesn't represent you at your best. Make your online and print marketing materials stand out with high quality personal branding images that reflect your business.

Simply put, high quality personal branding images can make a $1,000.00 website look many multiples more expensive. Conversely a $10,000.00 website can look considerably less appealing with bad personal branding images. Which would you rather your online and print marketing to looked like?

Professional Headshot Photographer

These are the most common images requested for personal branding photo sessions. Your professional headshot is a crucial and effective marketing tool for people who are the brand they represent. Make sure your social media and print marketing stand out with a clean professional headshot.