Bay Area Wedding Photographer

My name is Jason Guy and I am a bay area wedding photographer. I strive for a style that is a unique blend of classical wedding photography with a fashion editorial flair. I believe strongly that, since your wedding only happens once, hiring a wedding photographer who is good at posing and lighting will ultimately result in the best wedding pictures possible. 

•Wedding Gallery

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big and personal decision for every couple. Check out my portfolio here to see if my wedding photography style is right for you. 

Engagement Photography

Find out how to get a complimentary engagement photoshoot, when would be the best time to schedule your engagement session and creative guest book ideas for use with your engagement photos.

Wedding Guide

Download your wedding guide now too see my wedding photography packages and pricing as well as tons of tips about how to get the best wedding photos possible. 




Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photography should be timeless and as realavant on your wall 100 years from now, as it is today. For that reason I do not believe in putting trendy filters on your wedding photos, or purely photojournalistic wedding photography. Instead I rely on the example of 100's of years of renaissance style lighting and posing to achieve timeless, elegant wedding images of your special day. When the time is appropriate I will seamlessly change my shooting style to a photojournalistic approach during the ceremony and reception portions of your wedding. This will ensure that I get a perfect blend of both traditional and candid wedding photography for your final album.

Bridal boudoir and Engagement Photography

As part of my services, I also offer engagement photography and bridal boudoir to compliment your wedding photography package. My engagement photography prices are public and can be viewed in the link below. For more information about my bridal boudoir sessions you can download my boudoir guide.