Professional Headshots

Originally we planned to do a more artistic shoot in a redwood forest. Come the day of the photo shoot though, it ended up being quite rainy. So rather than cancel I talked Bridget into getting back to basics for some professional style headshots. Bridget is an actress and model and although she has lots of beautiful imagery of herself, I didn't feel she had much to choose from in the way of high end headshots that she could pass on to agent's as part of her model comp card. 

I also wanted to challenge myself and explore new lighting techniques I'd be researching lately. The results where what you see above. I love the way these came out so much, that this style may be one of my new go to lighting set ups, especially for women. I love the high key shadowless look and how it show cases Bridget's features in a soft and feminine, yet professional and approachable way.