Dillon Beach, CA Meg Vega Shoot.

So I was on my way out to Tamales Bay to get some oysters for a BBQ get together thing. Now I've lived here in this area all my life and have spent some significant time on our coast. I've even been out to Dillon beach a few times. Apparently though I was never observant enough to notice the awesomely beautiful rocks that you can't miss on your way out there. So after finally noticing these damned things I knew immediately I had to do a shoot at them. I made some calls and everyone was busy... Except Meg Vega

Remember the awesome model from my last post? Well we went out and did it again with a fresh location and a new idea. I told Meg I wanted her to do her makeup super dark and dramatic and that I had a pretty okay location to shoot at. You'll have to ask her, but I think I undersold the location just enough to make her jaw hit the ground when we got there. It's that kind of a gorgeous spot!

So we got out there and it was overcast, windy and cold. I was looking at the overcast sky and wind and thinking YESSSSSS! I think Meg was looking at the conditions and thinking oh god what the hell did I sign up for?!? I knew the overcast day would make awesome light on her and that we could do some cool stuff in the wind. I was right, but it was pretty cold and uncomfortable for Meg. She put her game face on though and did an awesome job as always!

So after the first string it was so cold and so windy that we lost all of Meg's makeup because she started tearing up. You know that natural thing that happens when it's windy and you start to cry. That happened and ruined all of her makeup she'd put on for the shoot. Bummer... Oh well I thought, we can still shoot with that natural kind of a look which could be cool too. So we continued shooting and I think we got some awesome images. 

The above shot might be one of my personal favorites images to date. Remember how I told you we lost all of the makeup on the first string? Well all of the makeup you see on Meg in the above shot was actually applied by me in photoshop after the fact.


Below are some of the final edits from the shoot. One of which you may remember from a previous blog post here where I composited in the sky. You can check out the link for the speed edit I did for that image here.