Elias O'ahu Destination Wedding.

First look image taken at the alter of the Hilton Hawaiian village chapel.

As a photographer I pretty much had the ultimate experience. I think it's fair to say that the majority of us photographers understand the weight of covering a couples wedding day. I honestly don't think I understood it fully until I photographed my little sisters wedding.

The above image is now one of my most prized possessions and is among my personal favorite of the day. It was featured in an article in SLR Lounge and currently sits on my shelf in my home where I get to enjoy it every day. The photograph was taken at the Hilton Hawaiian Village chapel and is where the first look images were taken. 

All said and done I don't think the gravity of what I was doing hit me until the end of the day. At the end of the reception I put together a same day slide show which covered the photography for Kriss and Jenn's pre ceremony coverage, travel to and from the beach at Angel's bay where the ceremony was held and the drive back. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry a little by the end of the slide show. Below is the actual same day side show everyone saw at the reception that night. 

As of this posting, the album has been printed on both a Finao "One" album and a Finao "Playbook with more albums planned to be printed in the near future. Both albums were featured on Finao's official Instagram feed along with a quick caption I posed. "When I showed my sister her "Playbook" she said wow, when I showed her the "One" album she cried." Sounds like marketing shtick but that's actually what happened and I wish I had gotten video of the unveiling.

"One" wedding album by Finao

"Playbook" Wedding album by Finao

Below you can see the final edited album I created for them digitally. You'll have to imagine each spread as two pages as if the album was open with the exception of the beginning and ending images which are single pages. The beauty of these albums is that when you view them they are of a lay flat design which means that even where the pages fold for the "gutter" of the book, the images span this fold seamlessly for an unparalleled viewing experience. You can see examples of this transition with some of my boudoir album samples here.