Alyx's Beach Boudoir Photo Shoot

Author: San Francisco Boudoir Photographer Jason Guy | A heartfelt verbal complement is a really awesome thing that everyone really enjoys receiving. When someone shows you how much they appreciate what you do with an action though… That’s the kind of compliment that I love because I know its not hollow words but rather something authentic and genuine.

Today’s featured session showcases my second boudoir photo shoot I’ve done for Alyx. Repeat boudoir sessions really are those actionable compliments in my eyes. Nobody books a repeat session unless they REALLY had an amazing first experience, and that’s why these photo shoots mean so much to me!

Repeat boudoir sessions are also amazing in that my clients are already familiar with the process of how I pose them, and they already trust the process and feel pretty confident that I’m going to create something amazing for them. There’s no convincing to be done, no self doubt or scepticism that this won’t work out, we can just pick up where we left off at our last session and begin creating amazing images!

Boudoir Before & After

What will your boudoir experience be like?

Alyx has such wonderful energy that I asked her at her consult if she would be okay with me documenting her experience for a project I’m currently working on to help women better understand what a boudoir experience with me is like. Alyx gladly accepted and I am excited to say that you can expect the first of these videos to be announced in the very near future. Some of the footage in this upcoming video is actually in the reveal video above!

If you have been on the fence about experiencing a boudoir session with me, you won’t want to miss this upcoming video. If you’d like to be notified when the video is published, you can enter your info below to subscribe to my boudoir email list and you will get notified as soon as it’s available :-)

Alyx’s Final Boudoir Images