B. Wise Vineyard | Sonoma Winery Wedding

Jason Guy | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer: It’s no secret that I don’t shoot very many weddings. Some people think I dislike them, but the truth is I really don’t! I love photographing weddings VERY occasionally and for the right people, but I usually only take on a few a year.

Today’s featured wedding was actually photographed for the woman responsible for enhancing the features of my boudoir clients. I am honored Devon & Ducky chose me to photograph their special day. Ducky has worked with quite a few exceptional photographers over the years. For me to stand out among that crowd of talent was pretty high praise and I took it as an incredible compliment.

Ducky and Devon both really appreciate that dark edgy look that you see across all of my work, and both of them pretty much just let me go and do whatever I wanted for their wedding day. I’d rather hold my tongue at this point and just let the album stand on its own. Feel free to comment below on what your favorite image is. I’m still not sure I have one at this point honestly :-)

Ducky & Devon’s Wedding Album

(some pages omitted for privacy)

Congratulations Ducky & Devon! I genuinely wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!!