Boudoir Lingerie Ideas

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients is what they should wear to their boudoir photo shoot. The answer to this question vary’s greatly depending on things like:

  • Your unique body type

  • Areas of your body you’re insecure about

  • Age

  • Your comfort level

I’m going to do my best to cover all of these points and share with you what I’ve learned over the years so your final imagery looks stunning for your upcoming photo shoot :-)

Lingerie For Your Unique Body Type

The basic idea behind dressing for your unique body type is to play to your strengths and downplay your “problem” areas, or areas of your body you might be self conscious about. This is easier said then done in my experience as I’ve had countless women come to see me self conscious about x, y or z area of their body only to get them in front of my camera and wonder what the hell flaw they were talking about.

Generally speaking, women (especially younger) are way harder on themselves than they should be.

At your initial consultation we will talk about this subject and I will do my very best to tell you when you’re being too hard on yourself and give you as many ideas as I can for outfits that will enhance your figure. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re freaking out about something unnecessarily, wait to come in for your pre photoshoot consultation before shopping, and I’ll help you come up with a game plan so you look amazing the day of your session.

On rare occasions I’ll have a unicorn come to see me who’s totally secure with how they look. If that’s you, that’s awesome and I can’t wait to create some amazing images for you! This whole article is still well worth reading to help give you some ideas you might not have thought of, so we can crush your session proper ;-)

Boudoir Lingerie Ideas - Diminishing Your Sensitive Areas

This section is to help you choose lingerie based around areas of your body you’re self conscious about. The following are all my go to suggestions I tell women worried about the following areas:

Tummy / Torso

Far and away the most common area women worry about is their tummy area. The entire torso area is a concern for many plus size women and also very fit mothers who have stretch marks from their pregnancies. This area is so commonly worried about that I’d estimate that somewhere between 70-80% of the women that come in to see me mention it at their consults.

The good news here is there are a TON of sexy options to help you with this area! For women worried about their torso I recommend looking at the following styles of lingerie:

All of these options can draw attention away from the areas you’re worried about and still keep things sexy by still showing a lot of skin with the cut or the sheerness of the material. In most cases, even though the material might be super sheer, just having the material there in combination with the lighting and posing during your photo shoot is often more than enough to break up that area yet still keep things sexy.

To really drive this point home of just how powerful these outfit choices can be for your tummy area, these clients featured below were all self conscious of her mid section. Their outfit choices not only helped them feel more confident during their sessions, but also helped shape their bodies, giving all of them super beautiful final images.

***Corset Hack***

Most of the time when you buy a corset that isn’t custom they come with a really shitty lace for the back that is chincy and cheap looking. The good news is this is super easy and cheap to upgrade with a high quality lace from Amazon or your local fabric store. For the picture above I literally swapped the corset lace with the laces of my gym shoes. This hack is cheap, easy and will significantly upgrade your corset so it looks higher end.


Probably the second most common thing I hear women mention at their consults is nervousness about their chest. For some women it’s a lack of size they’re worried about, for others it’s a lack of lift which is common among mothers and mature women. We’ll address both of these circumstances separately.

Chest Lift

For those worried that their chest isn’t perky enough, this is actually a pretty easy fix and you will find TONS of lingerie options to help you fix this. All the following styles of lingerie are perfect for helping you out with boob lift so long as you get the more supportive options. If you’re really chesty and pretty comfortable with your mid section, pieces like balcony bras are practically witchcraft.

All of the above options are fantastic assuming again that you get the designs with more bra like qualities built into them. Take the time to find outfits that fit your bust well and if possible it’s a good idea to get custom fitted by a local lingerie boutique. Your extra effort here will seriously go a long way towards more amazing final images :-)

Chest Size

The other common worry among many of my clients (especially skinnier women at the other end of the spectrum) is the size of their chest. They worry that they don’t have enough there to effectively pull off a boudoir photo shoot. Most of the time I find that this insecurity is unnecessary. With good posing and lighting techniques you will look much larger then what you see in your day to day life. Consider the following to either play up or play down your chest depending on your circumstance:

  • Push Up Bra

  • Push Up Pasties

  • Chamise / Slip

  • Scarves

  • Sweaters

In more extreme cases where women are especially small, I’d advocate covering your chest with lingerie pieces and scarves that aren’t low cut to show your cleavage or side boob. You will benefit greatly from slips with more straight cut tops that don’t V down too far and draw attention to your chest.

I’ve also done some pretty great shots where we’ve tied scarves around the woman’s chest like a makeshift bra which again plays down the area between your boobs (which is commonly accented by many lingerie pieces) and also covers up the side of your chest as well. Detailing the tops and sides of your chest in this manner will actually make it so the viewer has a hard time determining your size as your shape is somewhat obscured by your lingerie.

Tip!!! Google or search on amazon for “push up adhesive bra” as a way to build more cleavage under your favorite chamise, corset, slip or scarf

Upper Arms

This area is less common than the areas mentioned above, but I still hear about it enough to address it. This area can be a sensitive spot for plus size women and can be a challenge to shop for. I’ve actually seen some really nice sleeved body suits some women have brought in, but they’re not super common to find out in the wild when you’re looking for them I’ve noticed.

If you’re worried about your upper arms you should strongly consider adding the following pieces to your collection:

Basically anything with sleeves and the ability to cut way low into your bust is a good way to keep things hot while still giving your arms cover ;-)

Thighs and Legs

Another super common area women are self conscious about is their legs, especially the thigh area where cellulite and the dreaded “saddle bags” can live. The easiest way around this is simply to get a sexy set of stockings and just rock those! You can even go a step further and get yourself a garter belt which you can then connect to your stalkings. I’d suggest you bring these if you’re sensitive about your thighs and legs:

Stockings and garter belts tend to be pretty inexpensive and you can even get multiple styles and colors to change things up throughout your set. The main idea here is to keep some skin showing right below your panty line but above the stocking tops if to keep your images suggestive.

Another obvious choice to give your legs and thighs some cover are long gowns. Seriously DO NOT underestimate how sexy these can be when used correctly! If you’re only worried about your upper thigh area you can pretty easily find some mid thigh to knee length gowns and chamises that will do the same thing.

Lastly you may have noticed I listed pants as an option here which you might have thought was kind of odd. You’re right it is an odd notion, but used correctly pants can actually be really stunning pieces to incorporate into your set. Imagine yourself in a bra or topless wearing only your best fitting pair of jeans. It’s a crazy effective look especially for the beginning of your set!

Best Places to Get Lingerie

Now that you have an idea of what pieces you should get to flatter your body type most, now the question is where should you get it??? I’m going to do my best to answer this in two parts consisting of local boutiques and internet retailers.

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to shopping both locally and online. Shopping locally for your lingerie not only supports local business but it also allows you try try stuff on before you buy.

If you’ve given yourself plenty of time before your photo shoot, shopping online often offers more variety at a much lower cost. The downside to shopping online is that you will need to over buy a lot of stuff and return what doesn’t fit later after you try it on. As many of you reading this know, this can be quite the pain in the butt because most lingerie needs to be form fitting, sizes are different from manufacture to manufacture etc.

Sex shops are usually a hard pass in my book as the lingerie tends to be cheap and or trashy at these places. This isn’t a hard rule, but I’d pass these places up unless you know of something good locally that I don’t. The one thing I will say sex shops do well at is their assortment of stockings. Don’t be afraid to stop by if you’re on a time crunch and need a pair.

Local Lingerie Boutiques

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Lingerie Retailers Online

Did I Miss Something???

I want to make this the best resource I can for everyone shopping for their upcoming boudoir photo shoots, so please mention anything I might have missed in the comments below so I can make this better for others in the future :-)