Common Mistakes Brides Make, and How to Avoid Them

From all of the weddings I have photographed over the years, there is one major way I see brides consistently sabotage the quality of their wedding photography. These mistakes all revolve around not sticking to an agreed upon schedule for the day of the event. Below are the three most common pit falls that are easy to avoid, and even easier to fall into if not made aware of them in advance. Avoid these pitfalls and your final artwork should turn out amazing! 

Avoid last minute changes to your wedding day timeline.

I try to make things as easy as possible for every couple and will sit down with you to create a custom timeline for your wedding day if need be. It is incredibly common for couples to want to change this timeline the night before or even the day of the event. Don’t be tempted to do this! It never goes well and your final artwork will commonly suffer as a result of last minute changes. Always consult with me prior to making any changes to your agreed upon timeline. Your wedding day timeline will be in your wedding packet which you will receive roughly one month before your wedding.

Make all vendors aware of your timeline.

Once you have your wedding day timeline I strongly encourage you to share this timeline with all vendors who might be affected by it. A timeline means nothing if everyone involved is not aware of it’s existence. The most common way I see wedding timelines go off track starts with your hair and makeup artist. If your hair and makeup artist is not finished on time, the schedule for the entire day will be thrown off and it will usually come at the expense of your wedding photography. Don’t let this happen and make sure your hair and make up artist is aware of when he or she is expected to be finished. I recommend planning to have hair and makeup finished 30 min before you expect to be photographed to help keep everything on schedule.  

Make friends and family aware of your timeline.

It is very important to make friends and family members who you plan to have photographed aware of your timeline. Missing family members can sometimes cause pictures to get missed or for schedules to run to long affecting other vendors while we try to get all of your pictures. Share your timeline with family members who it affects and make sure everyone is aware of where they need to be and when.