Make your Wedding Ceremony Photos Better by Planning for Success

Plan Ahead

If at all possible it is always a good idea to hold your ceremony at a time of day where the ceremony site will be in full shade. Full shade offers the most flexibility in the angles we can effectively shoot at and everyone will be lit evenly. If there is a chance that your ceremony site might be in full sun at the time of your ceremony, I strongly recommend having the ceremony at times where the sun is lower on the horizon. 12pm would be a bad time to hold a full sun ceremony for instance and would cause unflattering, dark shadows around peoples eyes. Always consult your photographer about his or her thoughts about the ceremony if there is any chance that it will be held in full sun. 

Tips for better wedding ceremony Photos

  1. The best time for sunset weddings is 15-20 min before sunset. 
  2. Dappled light coming through trees can look really beautiful in person, but really bad in camera. Consult your photographer before booking a venue with this situation. 
  3. Building an arbor to block overhead sun or an arbor with a white sheet to diffuse potential harsh sun is an great insurance policy if your ceremony is held in full sun.
  4. Some ceremonies inside churches can be notoriously dark, which is not good for photography. Sometimes there is little we can do about this if your place of worship does not allow artificial lighting. Ask your venue about their policies regarding flash photography before hand to help in making your final venue decision. 
  5. When in doubt ask your photographer to do a walk through with you at your ceremony site. Although the ceremony location might be fixed, or you might think lighting conditions are poor, there may be some suggestions that your photographer can offer to make everything turn out better than you originally thought possible.

For more tips on how to plan your wedding, download my wedding guide or contact me to schedule your wedding consultation.