The Grove Occidental, Ca Model Portfolio Shoot

I always like to start these posts with an image that hopefully grabs your attention enough to read a  a few short paragraphs about whatever the topic of the day is. This particular shoot has so much great imagery from it I really didn't know what image to post in the header. So if you're in more of a picture book kind of reading mood just skip to the bottom of the post and check out the images from the shoot. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Today's post is about a shoot I did with model Meg Vega. Meg is another model I linked up with though model mayhem and long story short, Meg is an AWESOME model. We decided over our initial meeting that we were going to do more or less a portfolio shoot. We planned to do some Boudoir, with a little splash of some fashion and beauty style images. 

When we were texting back and forth prior to the shoot I remember her saying something to the effect of how she was going to bring her A game to the shoot prodding that I might not be able to keep up. I countered with two words "challenge accepted." 

I'll let you decide weather we did a good job or not, but bottom line, Meg had her game face on and I didn't feel like I could miss. I remember reading about how an awesome model can make a mediocre photographer look good and how a great photographer can guide an inexperience model to great imagery. I also remember reading that when the two collide it is really something to behold.

Usually when I photograph models I really take control and tell the model exactly how I want them to pose, look and what kind of emotions I want them to evoke, sometimes without them knowing exactly what I'm up to. The following sequence of images was something I hadn't experienced prior to this shoot.

Basically I picked this location in front of these really beautiful wisteria vines in bloom and set up a studio flash with a beauty dish. I started to pose Meg only to find that she was already posed and ready to go. Cool I thought to myself. So I wondered what would happen if I just let me let her run with this? I told her to start giving me some poses being mindful to keep her face in a certain direction for technical reasons I won't bore you guys with and BAM! We had the sequence you see above. 

This sequence is actually really cut down from all of the choices we had but it was a really neat experience that neither of us had felt before prior. Meg modeled and I shot for this sequence, it was that simple! I think we taught each other a lot that day. I know I picked up a thing or two that I'll put into my bag of tricks at least!

If you like these Images you can follow Meg's future work by connecting with her on Twitter and Facebook.