Boudoir Photography at any Location

I am often asked where most of my boudoir sessions happen. The answer is everywhere! Shooting on location often forces me to get creative and I love the challenge of walking into a space cold, reading the light and creating jaw dropping images for my clients. Believe it or not all of the portraits on this page were shot at the location shown below.

I can't tell you how many women I have photographed that told me they waited (sometimes as long as a year) because they told themselves they needed a castle or something to do their boudoir session in. The truth is you really don't.

Tips for Women who Choose to Rent a Location

All of the above being said, there are still  some legitimate reasons women can't do a session in their home. Whatever your reason is, here are some tips to think about to maximize your rented location.

  • Surprise your significant other with a sexy get away night the evening of your shoot. You will have paid for the room anyway so why not make use of it?!?
  • Schedule a girls night out with friends. Not only will you have a place to crash for the night, you will be fully made over from your session earlier so you will already look amazing. 
  • Try searching airbnb for session locations. I have done some beautiful work in hotel rooms, but often times I've found that you can find rooms cheaper and nicer on Airbnb when compared to hotels. Bed and breakfast locations are a great thing to search as well and can sometimes offer some pretty great options for venues as well.
  • Your session doesn't have to be done inside. Maybe you know someone with a private piece of property. I've done some full sun shoots outside and the results have been absolutely breath taking. Make sure and plan this at a warm time of year though, goosebumps are impossible to remove cleanly in photoshop.
  • Ask me for a location. I have photographed boudoir sessions at quite a few venues over the years, so if you want a suggestion on where would be a good place, drop me a line and I'd be happy to suggest some places for you :-)

Get started with your boudoir experience by downloading my boudoir guide now!