Devon's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Edit: I know I typoed before in the video. Call me a shitty person, but I’m just not going to re-upload the video over that ;-)

Author: San Francisco Boudoir Photographer Jason Guy | Most women that contact me, are super nervous about their sessions. They are worried about this or that perceived body flaw and how they will appear when I level my camera at them. This was not one of those sessions. No, Devon has been photographed before and she is one of the rare women I have had come see me, that is super confident in herself.

I knew pretty early on that this was going to be an exceptional set based on the way Devon was reacting to my instructions and the way she wasn’t backing down from the ideas I was suggesting. On top of that, Devon had prepared super well and had beautiful outfits that flattered her body type. She had also opted to get a spray tan from Juliette over at Clean Smooth Skin to even out her tan lines and smooth out her skin tone. Devon had definitely taken my advice from her consult and done her best to prepare for her session, and the extra effort showed!

This is a pretty cool spot to find myself in that I don’t get very often. Basically once my hair and makeup artist Ducky finished up with Devon, the only thing that was going to stop me right off the bat from getting awesome images of her was me. Devon was worried a little bit about having RBF (or what we in the biz affectionately call resting bitch face :-) but after giving her my standard shpiel on how to manipulate her expression, I never thought it was even close to a problem during the session.

I’ll let you judge the results for yourself. Her final boudoir album design is below if you’d like to check it out. I think she has a pretty kick ass album coming her way personally, and some metal wall art I can’t wait to see mounted on her wall! But then again I might be biased or something :-)

Before & After

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