San Francisco Bay Area Bridal Boudoir Photographer

Author: San Francisco Bridal Boudoir Photographer Jason Guy | Not all bridal boudoir has to be cliche white veils and white everything. No, some bridal boudoir just needs to be timeless. Something you could look back on 100 years from now and still be as relevant then as it is now.

Bridal Boudoir | The Ultimate Wedding Gift for Him

Let’s face it, bridal boudoir is pretty much the best gift he’s going to have ever received in his entire life! Imagine presenting his own album to him on the day of your wedding, or do what most brides do, keep the album for yourself and gift him a few prints or one of our snazzy retro viewers!

Bridal Boudoir | The Best Gift You Ever Gave Yourself

If you’re like most brides, you’ve been working super hard trying to look your best ever for your wedding day. Wouldn’t you like to document all your hard work at the gym with a keepsake to remind yourself just how effing gorgeous you are?!? Of course you would!

That being said I totally understand how nervous you might be about actually considering a boudoir session for yourself. It’s a scary thing and most of my clients express nervousness up until about 10minutes after we start photographing your session.

If you’d like to learn more about what a boudoir session with me is like you should check out my boudoir overview video by tapping the button below. It’s super short and will explain the entire process from start to finish :-)