Personal Branding Photographer

When you are your brand, your portrait is often the first thing your clients will see when connecting with your business. Don't let that first impression be a shoddy picture that doesn't represent you at your best. Make your online and print marketing materials stand out with high quality personal branding images that reflect your business. 

What is a Personal Branding Session?

Your personal brand is essentially how you present yourself to the world. My job is to make sure that the images I create with you are presented in a clean and professional way to convey the value you offer to your target customer.

Professional Headshot Photography

These are the most common images requested for personal branding photo sessions. Your professional headshot is a crucial and effective marketing tool for people who are the brand they represent.

Marketing Yourself with Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are a crucial and integral part of many service based businesses and are the cornerstone of your personal branding session. Good marketers effectively leverage their portraits in many ways both online and in print to convey their value to potential customers. Here are just a few ways to leverage your personal branding:

  • The "about me" section of your website.
  • Your profile picture on social platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, instagram, etc.)
  • As a profile picture in directories such as Yelp and Google Places.
  • In email marketing campaigns. 
  • On business cards (popular for real estate agents).
  • On brochure's 
  • In FB and Pinterest Ad campaigns.
  • On posters

Do I Need Personal Branding for my Business?

If you are your brand the answer is probably yes. Personal branding will help you more effectively market your business and make you stand out to your target audience. Personal branding is a proven way to effectively market:


  • Corporate Headshots

  • BUSINESS coaches

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Mentors

  • Actors Headshots

  • Models via Comp Cards | zed cards

Personal Branding Session Pricing and Package Options

My pricing and package information for personal branding sessions are public and downloadable on this site. Simply go to the link below, enter your information and you will receive a downloadable link via email to my portrait guide.