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Expand your Confidence

You're invited to spend the day with boudoir photographer Jason Guy for an empowering, self love experience you won't soon forget! Feeling beautiful from the inside is what boudoir is all about. If you're nervous that you won't know how to pose or that you'll look awkward in front of the camera, worry not! We have thousands of hours experience photographing hundreds of women of all body types.

We will teach you how to pose your unique body type and show you all the tricks models use to give those "bedroom eyes." You'll walk away with your head held higher and some sexy photos to showcase your beauty in the process!

You Deserve to Look and Feel Beautiful!

Client Transformations

One of the biggest objections we hear about why a woman can't do a boudoir photo shoot with us is because she feels that she can't look like the women in Jason’s portfolio. This common objection is why Jason decided to create this before and after boudoir gallery.

All before examples are before hair and makeup, without posing direction and under normal ambient light. After images are captured after hair and makeup, and are directed, lit and hand retouched by Jason Guy.




Boudoir photo shoots are a very intimate genre of photography. We are always grateful when our clients choose to share their images and reactions to seeing their pictures for the very first time. Seeing these women's experience helps give others the courage to do as they did. It allows them to expand their confidence in ways many of our clients didn’t think was possible.

On occasion we also get to capture some of our clients reactions to seeing her sexy photo shoot for the very first time. These reactions are incredible and are Jason's personal favorite thing to witness. If you pay close attention to her body language you will actually get to see her perception of herself change right before your eyes. Watching her lay eyes on her sensual photography for the first time is an incredible moment to observe. It's the moment you get to see her change the way she see's herself. This reaction is something we NEVER get tired of! This change in how a woman views herself is the primary reason we do what we do.

Are You Ready For Your Boudoir Experience?

Boudoir Guide Download

If you would like to learn more about a boudoir session with Jason Guy you can get instant access to his interactive boudoir guide below. Jason’s boudoir guide is a fantastic resource to help you better understand what you can expect when you book your photo shoot with him.

Inside the Guide

  • A complete overview of your boudoir experience.

  • Lingerie ideas for your specific body type.

  • Pre session tips to help you get the highest quality photos possible.

  • Boudoir location ideas.