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-Jason Guy-

Boudoir photos to remind yourself how beautiful you actually are. Most of our clients do their session for themselves first, and as a gift to someone special second. Let me help you change the way you see yourself by showing you what I see when I look at you. Let’s create the most tastefully sensual photos of you that exist!

Boudoir Photo Ideas

I hope my gallery gave you some boudoir photo ideas for your upcoming session! If you would like more ideas for your upcoming photo shoot you I'd like to invite you to come check out my boudoir guide. It's free and most of my clients mention at some point how much it helped them prepare for the own sessions.

Inside my boudoir guide you'll learn my best tips I've discovered over the years. The Guide will also help you avoid the most common mistakes I've seen many clients make. By getting instant access to the guide you'll learn:

•How to choose the best lingerie for your specific body type.

•The best local & online lingerie retailers.

•My favorite local locations for your session.

•Unique ideas on where you can do your session & ideas to make your home a better venue.

•What you should do to prepare, so you get the highest quality images possible.

The boudoir guide sole purpose is to help you get better photos from your session. It's also interactive so you can speak up if you don't see your question answered. The comment section will also help us make the guide more useful for everyone over time. Come check it out!