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-Jason Guy-

Boudoir photos to remind yourself how beautiful you actually are. Most of my clients do their session for themselves first, and as a gift to someone special second. Let me help you change the way you see yourself by showing you what I see when I look at you. Let’s create the most tastefully sensual photos of you that exist!

don’t forget!!! every image on my site is pinnable if you’d like to add any to your inspiration board!

Boudoir Photo Ideas

I hope my gallery gave you some boudoir photo ideas for your upcoming session! If you would like more ideas for your upcoming photo shoot I'd like to invite you to come check out my boudoir guide. It's free and most of my clients mention at some point how much it helped them prepare for the own sessions.

Inside my boudoir guide you'll learn my best tips I've discovered over the years. The Guide will also help you avoid the most common mistakes I've seen many clients make. By getting instant access to the guide you'll learn:

•How to choose the best lingerie for your specific body type.

•The best local & online lingerie retailers.

•My favorite local venue’s for your session.

•Unique ideas on where you can do your session & ideas to make your home a better venue.

•What you should do to prepare, so you get the highest quality images possible.

The boudoir guide’s sole purpose is to help you get better photos from your session. It's also interactive with a comment section at the end of every topic. The comment section is there so we can make the guide more useful for everyone over time. Please speak up if you think we missed something! Come check it out!

Boudoir Photos Plus Size

Let me start of by saying I hate the term “plus size.” It’s honestly a loaded term which can be full of negative connotation. It can also be used with a sense of pride as we see in female athletes like Amanda Bingson. Plus size has become a term that is used to describe everyone from powerful athletes to people who take less then stellar care of themselves.

The sole reason I use the term “plus size boudoir” on my website is because it’s the most popular term curvy women use in search.

Now before you go on to assume that plus size boudoir photos are somehow second place to those with the stereotypical Instagram model body, I’d like to direct your attention to the ESPN body issue with Lauren Chamberlain first and second to these beautifully curvy women who’ve done sessions with me.

Boudoir photo ideas plus size

If you have a “plus size” body type and have insecurities about areas of your body (such as your tummy or thighs), worry not. I’d suggest you read my post about the best things to wear for your boudoir photo shoot. This post will help you pick out lingerie for areas of your body you’re most sensitive about.

For plus size women what you choose to wear can make or break a shoot in some circumstances. By dressing for your insecurities we can improve your most sensitive areas and make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera as a result.

Spending the extra time here will also help give your set more variety which can absolutely be paired with well posed fine art nude photos if you’d like. Having a beautiful, well fitting set of lingerie will make your set more compelling and diverse is worth the extra effort!

Also remember to continue working on (or start working on) your body with the trifecta of universal beauty. The trifecta is a health based lizard brain kind of thing all people find universally attractive. Attractive people all:

  • Exercise vigorously at least 3 hours per week with a mix of cardio and resistance training.

  • Eat a healthy diet and adjusting their calorie intake for the body goals they have (surplus, neutral or deficit).

  • Protect themselves from things that are well known to age you i.e. sun exposure, excessive drinking, smoking kind of things.

If you are currently practicing all of these habits and still don’t think you’re body is good enough for a boudoir photo shoot, In my experience you’re probably a woman who underestimates just how beautiful she actually is. There are way to many of you out there and my goal is to help change that.

Always remember to never compare your step one to someone else’s step seven. Also remember that boudoir is first and foremost about making you feel good about yourself as you are WHILE continually striving to improve yourself. All of us, of all body types should have that goal.

Bridal Boudoir Photos / Boudoir Photos for Wedding

Bridal boudoir photos are popular gifts brides give to their husbands on their wedding day. This is an ideal time for your session since most women are in top shape in anticipation for that walk down the aisle. It's also the ultimate gift only you can give him that he will cherish forever.

Nude Boudoir Photos

Most of my clients choose to get nude or implied Nude boudoir photos as part of their boudoir session. Getting naked for your photo shoot is definitely NOT required though if you don’t want those kinds of images.

The images I show in my portfolio on this page are a good representation of what you can expect your images to look like should you decide you want me to capture them for you.

Sexy Beach Photos

Since we live in northern California, sexy beach photos are definitely an option if you’d like to do your session on the coast. The best time for outdoor boudoir photos in northern California is roughly from mid May to mid October. You can learn more about an outdoor boudoir session with me in this post.