Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What does a session look like from start to finish?

This article will give you a high level overview of what you can expect when you book your boudoir photo shoot with Jason.

How much does a boudoir session cost?

Sessions start at $300.00 and include your photo shoot, a full makeover and a reveal session. Your reveal is where you will get to see your images for the first time and purchase only the images you love.

Images from the session start at $225.00 and get progressively cheaper the more you buy. Discounted packages start at $1200 and are discounted further if pre-purchased at the time of your booking.

If you choose not to pre-purchase your session, the final amount you spend is entirely up to you and you probably won't know that exact number until you see your final images. My average client spends somewhere between 3k-6k on their final artwork. Some spend less and some spend considerably more, but this is a good, realistic range you can expect for a very nice set of images.

For sample packages and a detailed A La Carte price menu, you can click the image below.

Can I bring someone with me to my photo shoot?

Absolutely! We will never tell you that you can’t bring someone with you if that makes you feel more comfortable. If you decide you’d like to bring someone, take care to choose a person who has good supportive energy. This might sound obvious, but we've seen first hand how a bad decision here can impact your set in a very negative way.

We have had people chaperone sessions that had great positive energy and made for wonderful, welcome additions. We’ve also had some that compromised the quality of the photo shoot with their presence. Given his preference, Jason always prefers photographing his clients one on one as he feels he's better able to connect with you that way.

How Long Does a photo shoot Last?

A photo shoot with Jason is an all day event. On an ideal day we would start your makeover a 10AM. Your makeover with my artist will take roughly 2hrs in most cases. From roughly 12-5PM is when we would photograph your session.

Does Jason take shot requests?

For the most part Jason does not take shots requests. If you are booking Jason for your photo shoot, you are doing so because you love the style of the images he presents in his portfolio.

If you would like to tell Jason about the images in his portfolio that resonate with you, he will make note of these images for your session. That said, every woman is a unique individual and needs to be posed specifically for her unique body type. It is for this reason Jason can’t guarantee any requested shot. Things tend to work out best if you just trust in the process Jason has developed and go with the flow.

Can I buy just the digital files?

Yes! Every print you purchase comes with a full res digital file. If you want the digital files only, the price per image is exactly the same as what is published for our folio boxes. Most that want digital files only opt to get the folio box anyway since there is no price difference aside from some savings on sales tax.

Hair and Makeup Questions

Is hair and makeup included with my session?

Yes! Every session with Jason includes a full make over as part of your session deposit. Your makeover will include:

  • Makeup

  • False lashes (if needed)

  • Hair straightening/curling

If you would like to see what you can expect from your makeover and photo shoot, check out our before and after gallery below.

Can I use my own makup artist for my session?

In most cases we do not allow you or an outside vendor to do your makeover. The reason for this is because we’ve seen this negatively impact the quality of clients final images. Additionally a bad makeover also can create quite a bit more editing work for us as well.

If you have a professional makeup artist you would love to have do your makeover, you will need to submit a portfolio of the artists work to Jason for approval.

Lingerie Questions

How many outfits will I need for my photo shoot?

On a typical photoshoot we photograph roughly 3-5 outfits as part of your set. The vast majority of our photo shoots usually have a nude or implied nude part where you obviously won’t need an outfit. If you don’t want nude or implied nude images, it would be a good idea to bring an extra outfit or two to bridge this gap. 

What style lingerie should I buy for my boudoir photo shoot?

The short answer is, it depends on your specific body type. There is a detailed article you can read here about what to wear to help accentuate your strengths and downplay your sensitive areas. If you still feel unsure, Jason will be happy to help you further at your initial consultation.

Location Questions

Where should I do my boudoir photo shoot?

Anywhere! The majority of our photo shoots take place at hotels, airbnb’s clients homes and borrowed locations. Jason has even done sessions on yachts, in barns and at locations as far away as Hawaii. If you would like more ideas about where to do your photo shoot, you can get more ideas for your location below.

Posing and Direction Questions

Will someone show me how to pose?

Yes! Part of the reason you are booking your photo shoot with Jason is for his posing guidance. Before you step in front of the camera Jason will show you how to pose your body and manipulate your expression. This direction will be specific and custom tailored for your unique body type.

Privacy Questions

Will My photos be shared publicly?

Only if you you say it’s okay. While we greatly appreciate all the women that allow us to share their images publicly, however, we will NEVER require that you do so. Choosing to share your images helps other women do as you did and gives others the confidence to do session of their own. If you’re not quite sure if you want to share or not and want to review your images first, we'd be happy to do that as well.