Veronica L.

As I sit down to write this review, a million thoughts are going through my mind. Let me just say that this was not my first boudoir session, my first with him, but not my first photo shoot. My first was horrible. While there were some good photos, I never bought an album. I didn't feel like the photographer really saw me or captured me in a way that I would want to have printed copies. 
When I sat down to talk to Jason about my wants, desires, expectations and hopes. I really was unsure whether or not I would leave happy. But from the moment that I sat down he made me feel welcome. Offering coffee, and an honest talk about what I wanted. He put all my worries to rest. 
We picked a place, and a time and I got nervous and excited all at the same time. I left feeling confident that I had made the right choice. I had received the recommendation from my lash girl/friend Ducky. She also is his make up artist. 
The location I wanted was at the beach, he meticulously checked the weather and gave me updates. As the day approached we made the decision to change the location due to weather. And although this change was last minute, he calmed my fears and gave me suggestions to where we could shoot. Never for a minute making me feel like I was alone in the search. 
The next day we arrived at the new location, an AirBnB. He brought snack and water, and started coaching me on what to do. 
We shot for almost 8 hours. From the lighting to having my make up and hair professionally done. I was transformed from an "ugly" duckling into a swan. 
At the end of the day I was exhausted but satisfied. And the only thing on my mind was my reveal. 
I showed up to Jason's place a few weeks later and literally cried as I saw the photos. Even the reveal is done with class and as an experience. 
He TRULY delivered. I saw in front of me some of the most beautiful images I've ever seen. He made me feel special and incredible. I fell in love with all the images that I couldn't leave without purchasing the entire album. 
He truly is a professional. His photography is amazing. No really amazing. If there was a word better than amazing it would be that. His attention to every single detail is incredible. Every hair, every move, pose,  breath thought out. He made me see myself in an entirely new light. The way people see me. The entire experience from start to finish is one that I intent to repeat again.  
I was left even completely flabbergasted when I found out he loved one of the images so much that the printed it and its now on his wall. He is one of a kind. I was not disappointed for one moment.  
I know ladies there are a million reasons why you probably hesitate to do one, your not thin enough... you have 10 lbs to lose. Your too old, its too risky. Who would you show the photos to? But let me tell you that I did this for me. Im 170 lbs. Not the thinnest girl, but Jason made me embrace and love all the curves my body has. He made me appreciate them in a way I never could before. Take the chance and book the photo shoot. I promise you wont be disappointed. I would scream this from the top of my lungs for everyone to hear. He left me breathless and speechless. And that is priceless.

In a text I wrote him... you changed my life with your eye and your lens. Every woman deserves and should feel that way.