The man Behind the camera

To be completely candid I got into boudoir photography completely on accident. When I decided to get serious about my portrait photography years ago, I first asked family and friends if I could take their picture so I could practice my lighting and technical skills. 

I quickly realized that even though I was practicing on people I’ve known for all my life, I completely lacked the ability to direct and pose them towards pictures that flattered them. 

This is when I decided to study boudoir photography. 

You see, the goofy way my brain is wired told me that if I could direct and light someone with minimal or no clothes, then I could pose a bride wearing her wedding dress in my sleep. As it turned out, that that is exactly what happened!

I learned to pose and light people so well that I actually started getting hired as a posing stylist by local wedding photographers. I honestly thought I was going to be shooting mostly weddings and traditional portraits at the time. Meanwhile I continued photographing boudoir on the side in an attempt to get better at posing women of all shapes, sizes and age ranges. 

That’s when I started to REALLY experience the other side of what I was doing. I had been so hell bent on getting better at my craft it took quite a while to realize just how impactful this experience was starting to become for the people I was photographing. 

I began seeing women cry when I gave them their final images. I began getting thank you notes and messages letting me know how seeing themselves as beautiful sensual beings had catapulted their self confidence. I’ve even had a few people go so far as to say their boudoir experience has changed their lives.


My outlook on what I do has matured from wanting to take the best picture a woman has ever seen of herself, to becoming completely obsessed with helping my client change the way she see’s herself.  

Boudoir photography is a celebration of who you are, a discovery of one’s self, and a priceless self confidence boost EVERYONE should experience. If my work here on my website resonates with you, I invite you to get in touch so we can get together and discuss your intended session.