Boudoir Pre Session Checklist

Congratulations on your upcoming boudoir session! Below is a checklist I created to help you remember everything so you have the best experience possible!


Things to keep in mind when preparing for your boudoir session:

Hair and makeup services will be provided for you

Please do not apply any of your own makeup prior to your session or anything else such as sunscreen lip gloss etc. Take a shower the morning of your session and make sure your face is clean so my makeup artist has the best canvas possible to make you look amazing. Also make sure you hair is clean and dry so it is ready to be styled when you arrive. 


Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes

Loose fitting clothes are way more comfy to wear while you are getting made over. Additionally, loose fitting yoga pants or even pajamas will minimize the impressions on your skin for when we start your session.



I will provide water and a vegetable tray for you to snack on throughout your session but feel free to bring some other snacks if you’d like something different to snack on. 

Champagne, Wine etc.

If you'd like to enjoy some mimosa's during your session you are more than welcome to do so! I will provide you with a straw to keep your lip makeup looking perfect throughout the day. My makeup artists typically use stains so the makeup on your lips should hold up though eating and drinking. It's always good practice to drink through a straw when possible though to try and keep things looking sharp all day. 

Staying Warm and Comfortable

I always encourage my clients to bring a robe or a blanket to wrap up in between sets. Slippers aren’t a bad idea either if you have them. Goosebumps are impossible to edit out of your boudoir photos without destroying the skin texture, so it's important we keep you warm for your session.


Boudoir Outfits

Bring all of the outfits you think you might want to be photographed in. We will probably get to roughly 3-5 of outfits throughout the day. More choice is always a good thing though so bring more than you think you will need. This includes shoes, accessories, scarves, your significant other’s shirt etc. I will also provide a couple scarves and fabric pieces which we can use during your boudoir session as well.


Clear your schedule

Do not plan anything for the entire day of your session. Your boudoir session may go as long as 4-5hrs with an additional 1 1/2 - 2 hrs for your makeover. If you have evening plans, keep this in mind and account for travel time from the photoshoot location. Also please let me know if you decide to make plans for the evening so I can be mindful of your schedule.


Drink plenty of water the day before your session. You will be posed to look amazing the day of your session and this can be harder work than most women anticipate. Staying hydrated helps. 

Morning Workouts Forbidden!

Cancel your plans of a morning workout the day of your session. Again, posing for your boudoir session is much harder work than most women anticipate. If you tax your body before your session, you will find posing much harder than it otherwise would be. Take my word for it and give yourself the day off. 


Get plenty of sleep

This probably goes without saying but I want you to have a wonderful experience and for you to look your very best. Being well rested will make this way easier than if you aren’t. 

Please arrive on time for your session!

My hair and makeup artists are busy people and often schedule multiple sessions per day. Please be respectful of their time and arrive promptly to help them stay on schedule.

Outdoor Boudoir

If we are planning to do any portion of your boudoir session outdoors make sure and bring comfortable shoes to walk in. Some locations we shoot at require light to moderate hiking so make sure and bring the appropriate shoes. 

Boudoir Album

Boudoir Photographer - Jason Guy

If you are choosing to have your final artwork printed as an album, make sure and bring some clothes you'd like to be photographed in for your beginning set. Evening dresses, skirts or even a  great fitting pair of jeans and blouse are all good choices for your beginning set. Remember that your album is going to be designed to tell a story, and working out of these clothes will help tell that story. 

Last minute questions?

I will give you a call the evening before your session to follow up and see if you have any last minute questions before your boudoir session. As always don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about anything!