Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Can I do my boudoir photoshoot outdoors?

This summer I had way too many of my clients ask me if I do any of my boudoir sessions outdoors. Every time I was asked the question I said of course I do and I would show them some examples from some past clients. I heard the questions with such frequency this year though, that I felt the need to create this article to hopefully answer this question once and for all: 

YES!!! You can absolutely do your boudoir session outdoors!


Where can I do my outdoor boudoir photoshoot?

The short answer is anywhere! Most of my clients that request an outdoor boudoir session have a private location in mind. This is honestly the best case scenario for outdoor boudoir, but it's certainly not a requirement. The above images for instance were photographed on a weekend at a very secluded part of our Sonoma County coastline.

Consider asking friends to use their property

You won't believe how many of my outdoor boudoir sessions are done at a friends property! Some are super rural and epic, but many aren't and still yield awesome results. Know a friend with an awesome backyard swimming area or maybe a well landscaped yard (most of you should be nodding your head yes) Ask them if you can use it for the day for your photoshoot! 

I don't know anyone with a private outdoor location

Don't know anyone with a private location or maybe you're just a little to shy to ask. That's okay! Many of my clients rent airbnb's and VRBO's of houses/properties with nice outdoor areas for their sessions. This is an awesome option especially if you want some indoor images as part of your session.

Another option for the bolder among you is to choose a secluded public area for your boudoir session. As stated above, the images in this blog post were all photographed on a public area of our Sonoma county coast line. Aside from seeing some people way off in the distance, we can typically (but not always) not see anyone for the entirety of our beach boudoir session. If you're willing to walk a little bit, it's actually super easy to find secluded forrest, grassy fields and beach areas for your session.

Consider What’s Best for You!

Some women really fall in love with the idea of doing an outdoor boudoir session and that’s totally understandable! Outdoor sessions are super fun and awesome. Just be real about who you are!

If you are a person who is super anxious about the very low possibility of being seen in public doing a boudoir photo shoot, consider doing an indoor boudoir session first. An indoor session session will not only get you used to how I will pose you, it will also build up your confidence up so that you can feel more comfortable about the exciting idea of doing your very own session outdoors!

Time of Year Matters!

It happens a few times a year where I’ll get asked by a client if we can photograph their outdoor session at odd times of the year. Probably not a good idea to shoot your beach boudoir session in January for instance… Furthermore goosebumps are IMPOSSIBLE to remove in post production without also destroying skin texture in your final images.

Think May Through October

The blanket answer of when is the best time to do this is usually mid May though mid October. That time frame is usually pretty safe to plan this kind of session. If you are traveling in for your session, you will definitely want to schedule your session away from the fringes of this time frame to increase your chances of a beautiful day :-)

Even when making all the perfect plans though, stuff can still happen at the perfect times of year and you have to be okay with variables like weather changes for these kinds of sessions.

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