This Mom's Boudoir Photo Shoot

'“I’ll Never Be Beautiful Again”

In the short video above you will get to see Siobhan’s (pronouced Shi-von):

  • Makeover.

  • A slideshow of her finished images.

  • Her reaction to seeing her images for the very first time.

  • Her candid thoughts about why she never thought she'd be beautiful again after having a child.

Most women when they come do a session with me aren't sure if they will want to share the images form their session or not. Siobhan from the very beginning was different. She told me that she wanted me to share everything about her experience. She wanted all her images shared, and the reason behind why she was doing this for herself talked about.

To be clear, Siobhan is not a special example of someone who has more courage then you do. She was very nervous to do her session and worried about the stretch marks around her tummy. She worried about her skin and her battles with melanoma. Her memories of what her body looked like before she had a kid lingered in her mind.

Siobhan expressed to me that is was very important to her that other mom's see her images and know that they can be sexy too. She not only wanted to change her own mindset, but help other women change theirs as well. That's a pretty damned brave and self aware thing for any woman to do in my opinion. I commend her for her courage and for facing her fears head on.

At her reveal, Siobhan told me:

"After you have a kid you get into this mindset that I'll never be beautiful again."

I know from my personal converastions with moms about how common these thoughts of inadequacy are. I also know it’s one of the main tactics mother’s use talk themselves out of a session. It’s common to compare yourself to what you looked like before being pregnant and tell yourself that the time to do a boudoir photo shoot has past. This simply isn't true.

Siobhan wisely recognized her negative mindset and decided to do something about it. She could have gave into her negative thoughts and let it dictate her life and how she views herself, but she didn't. I respect the hell out of her for that.

Before and After

This before & after is super cool to me. In her before picture Siobhan is actually wearing her beginning outfit for her session sans makeup. The image on the right is one of her finished images. I captured this with just my camera after her makeover and some natural light I found around us in the cottage.

The big take away here is that beautiful images are all about great posing. I guide you towards poses that play to your strengths and accentuate your feminine curves. This is how I'm able to direct everyone towards images as beautiful as Siobhan’s.

Boudoir Album Design

For Siobhan’s session she chose to have her final artwork presented on our 10x10 signature boudoir album. As is true with all of our albums the first page is a half spread which starts on the right. All pages thereafter are 2 page spreads except for the last page which ends on the left as a one page half spread.

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