JG Boudoir Guide

The JG Boudoir guide is an interactive guide you can easily reference from your phone or tablet. This guide is designed to help you get the highest quality images possible from your session.

Inside the Guide


Lingerie Ideas

•Lingerie Ideas for your specific body type.

•Sexy things you already have and never thought of.

•Where to shop online and locally.

Location Ideas

In the past, deciding where to have your boudoir session photographed has been an overwhelming task for many of my clients. With this section, I help you narrow down some fantastic options I’ve had great personal experiences with over the years.

For those that want to do their session in the comfort of their own home, this section will also go over my favorite tips to help you spice things up and make your final images pop.

Pre Session Tips for Better Boudoir Photos

Tips to help you get the best boudoir photos possible. This section will help you come up with a game plan of what to do and when to do it before your photo shoot.

Following these recommendations will be invaluable to the overall quality of your final images.