Boudoir at Any Age

San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

“I’d love to do a boudoir session but I don’t think I can do one now at my age.”

One of the most common objections I hear from women over 40 is concerns regarding their age. I think these women remember themselves in their younger years and feel like a boudoir session is something that should have been captured years ago thus buying into the myth that boudoir is only something you should do if you are young any physically “perfect.” Extra emphasis on the quotes there as perfect isn’t real ;-)

This Rational is Wrong!!!

The strongest reason to do a boudoir session is to help you change the way you see yourself, and make you feel good about yourself exactly as you are!!!

How I do it

Every woman featured in this post is over the age of 40, and the oldest featured here is… wait for it… 63 years old!!! Every woman that gets in front of my camera is posed and directed by me for what I think will flatter you most. This is how I am able to reliably get results like what you see here with every client I photograph.

What you look like through my eyes

By capturing how I see you though my eyes, many of my clients tell me that the self convince boost they experience is truly life changing. It’s really hard for me to believe at times that I get to give this incredible gift to people for a living. I think it’s impossible for me to convey just how much I truly love what I do!!!

This is great, but I’m afraid I don’t look like the women in your portfolio.

You’re right, you don’t look like any of the women featured in this article. Every person is absolutely a unique individual and will need to be posed and directed as such. But if you’re really going to use that as a reason as to why you can’t do this, I think you’re underestimating my abilities and your unique beauty :-)

See more before and after examples of what you can expect when you book your boudoir photo shoot with me :-)