Brandi's Boudoir Photo Shoot


What a fear breaker! The professional experience I had with Jason made my journey of expressing Self Love Top notch. His make up artist Ducky was fabulous as ever and I honestly can say after my reveal I felt like a new woman. A new woman on the inside.

I looked fear in the face and tried to convince myself many reasons not to gift myself something so beautiful. An experience every woman should do for themselves. Yes its Boudoir but its the best dam experience to show a confidence that fear rejects to portray. From discussing details to showing my reveal he did not skip a beat and would recommend his service.

Brandi's Boudoir Photo shoot

Author: San Francisco bay area boudoir photographer Jason Guy - My mission statement as a boudoir photographer is to help you change the way you see yourself. Brandi had been following my work for years, and had seen the transformation I had made for countless other women, but only recently did she truly get to experience that transformation for herself.   

It's a really interesting thing when clients follow me for as long as Brandi did. She told me how she loved my work, but never thought she’d get boudoir photos like the ones in my portfolio for herself.

The common thinking from clients I hear talk like this seems to be that somehow the women in my portfolio are different than they are.

Let me say it again for everyone reading this; these results are typical, and you WILL look like the women in my portfolio when you decide to do your boudoir photo shoot with me. 

I want to help you change the way you see yourself, and I can't wait to see the joy on your face when you get to realize your beauty for the first time. Brandi expressed all of the above to me at her reveal and I got to see her cry as she made this realization. I absolutely freaking love that I am able to do this for my clients!

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