Jamie's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Author: San Francisco Boudoir Photographer Jason Guy | I can remember the first boudoir session I ever photographed. I was pretty damned nervous to be perfectly honest. Although those nerves have long since faded as I became better and more proficient at what I do, I always try and remember how I felt in those early sessions. I imagine this is probably pretty similar to how most of my clients feel at their boudoir photo shoots as they are photographed in an intimate setting often for the very first time.

Before & After

JG Boudoir Before & After

There are still things in this life that scare me, but I do my best to do those things anyway in an effort to accomplish my goals and be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. In almost every case when I do these "scary things" I think to myself after, well that wasn't so bad! I was afraid only because I'd never done this before or I didn't know what to expect.

Everything I've ever achieved in this life that has been worthwhile, has lived on the other side of my fears.

Jamie was VERY nervous about her session, but decided to go though with it despite her insecurities. I think she would agree that that doing her session despite her fears turned out to be very worth while as she was able change the way she saw herself. It's not easy, but I encourage all of you reading this to be more like Jamie and challenge yourself. Be bold and fearless! You can do this, and I promise you it's worth it!

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