Jessica's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Does the thought of doing a boudoir session make you super nervous? If you’re nodding your head yes, you’re not alone. A clear majority of my clients are visibly nervous before we start photographing their sessions. In most cases I usually only need about 10-20 minutes to break though that nervousness and most people are completely comfortable after that.

Feel free to ask someone who’e done a session with me in the FB group if you think the above is overstated :-)

Once I teach you how to pose and manipulate your expression, and then show you the back of the camera, that’s usually all it takes. Most women get noticeably braver as they realize they are going to get shots like the ones in my portfolio at that point. It’s super cool to watch just how fast the doubt and self confidence get’s flipped on its head. I never get tired of seeing that!

Jessica’s Boudoir Experience

Jessica, the stunner featured in this post, was one of those people who was super nervous. Like clockwork though, (see what I did there Jessica) Jessica was giving me everything I asked for and nailing her set very shortly after we started shooting!

I think her husband was pretty happy with they way everything turned out too! Jessica surprised him with a folio box full of her final artwork from her set. From what she told me the other day, her husband wasted no time decorating the walls with them.

I love hearing shit like that :-)

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