Nichole's Boudoir Photo Shoot

In Her Words

"Where to begin. I have always been interested in doing a boudoir shoot. I've seen friends shoots and pictures online just never thought I could go through with it. Jason's Facebook profile popped up on my feed one day and I followed and I was truly amazed at his work. Breathtaking work.

One day I decided to contact him and from there everything just fell together. Being a girl of bigger size and mom of 4 my body I feel has gone through war. I truly didn't think it could be pulled off. I picked my location which ended up being more amazing than I had imagined. However Jason's eye for this is one of a kind.  

As your going through the shoot wondering if lighting is truly ok or this weird pose he's putting you in will look right. Well let me just tell you every bit of it was so worth it. My photo reveal yesterday took my breath away. I'm not a easy person to make cry but I cried in amazement of how beautiful the pictures came out. So if anyone who has considered to do a boudoir shoot I 200% recommend Jason to do yours. You won't regret it."

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JG Boudoir Before & After

Author: San Francisco bay area boudoir photographer Jason Guy - There is honestly very few things in my life that are as rewarding as helping someone change the way they see themselves. Today's post features my gorgeous client Nichole. Nichole was not optimistic that she was going to get images that she loved from her photo shoot, but she decided to go though with it anyway thanks in large part to her moms encouragement.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Nichole's mom, and after talking with her, I quickly realized she knew something her daughter didn't yet realize. She was telling me how she did a photo shoot for her self many years ago, and how it was one of the best things she ever did for her self esteem. She told me how it gave her a life changing self confidence boost and how it helped her see herself in a new light. None of this was new news to me as I know the kind of effect the boudoir experience can have on a woman, however I loved hearing it un-prompted from someone encouraging one of my clients to do a photo shoot!

Nichole was openly nervous before her boudoir photo shoot. As usual though, once I showed her how to pose and then showed her the back of the camera for some of the beginning shots, I saw her body language ease to the point where I was able to guide her to the amazing images you'll see below.

Picking outfits for your boudoir photo shoot

Before every boudoir session with me, every client first comes in for an initial consultation so we can talk about your upcoming boudoir photo shoot. One of the big topics we cover is choosing outfits that flatter your body. 

Nichole is a mother of 4 if you can believe that, and a good portion of the success of her session is thanks in no small part to her taking advantage of those tips I mentioned to her at her initial consultation.

Nichole seriously set the gold standard by buying awesome lingerie that really flattered her body type.

As is true with any mother of four, Nichole had stretch marks from having kids, but you'd never know it with her outfit choices! Everything she brought outfit wise was gorgeous and gave her great support. This allowed her to enhanced her assets while taking attention away from the areas she was self conscious about. Her wonderful planning paired with her naturally stunning features (check out her eyes!!!) set me up so if I didn't get great images of her, it was truly and utterly no one's fault but mine!

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