Michelle's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Michelle's Boudoir Photo Shoot

One of the greatest compliments I occasionally get is when a client travels a great distance to come do a boudoir photo shoot with me. That was exactly the case for my gorgeous client Michelle who traveled all the way from Hawaii to come do this session. 

After extensively researching her options for boudoir photographers in her home town and not liking the local options, Michelle decided to do a search for boudoir photographers in the San Francisco bay area. Her thought was that she would come do a session with me while out in the bay area visiting with a friend. This was also a convenient excuse for her to use to slip away from her husband as this session is going to be a surprise present for him!

Before & After

Boudoir Before & After of Michelle

The Queen Ann Hotel | San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

So after a SKYPE session with me, Michelle made the decision to fly out for a boudoir photo shoot. She booked an awesome room at "The Queen Ann Hotel" In SF, and WOW!!! What a cool location! Now if the amazing location wasn't enough, Michelle brought some seriously amazing outfits to wear for her boudoir photo shoot which paired ridiculously well with the location.

Michelle did an amazing job preparing, and everything tied together beautifully! Her outfits and jewelry paired very nicely with the decor of the hotel and gave everything a very elegant film noir feel. Some of the images I couldn't help but edit as sepia once I saw the way everything tied together in the end.