The following is a collection of boudoir photo shoots from some of Jason’s past clients who were brave enough to share their experience. Most of these women were openly nervous about their sessions. Everyone you see here is posed, lit, directed, and hand retouched by Jason Guy.

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

The word boudoir is traditionally defined as:


  • n. A private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom, especially one belonging to a woman.

Today the term boudoir is also used by photographers as a way to define intimate portraiture.

Boudoir (Photo Shoot)

  • adj. Tasteful, sensual photos of a woman, typically wearing lingerie, in a boudoir setting.

Boudoir Photographer - Jason Guy

There are many differing opinions of what the specific contemporary definition for boudoir is. This is because the current definition relys on words like "tasteful" or "classy" to define it. These words are inherintely in the eye of the beholder and thus up to interpretation.

For example, some consider all nude photography to fall outside of the definition of boudoir. This is because nude photos break the interpretation of what some consider “tasteful.”

Other’s will dismiss anything not in a bedroom setting as some other form of photography. After all boudoir literally translates to “a woman’s bedroom.”

Terms like glamour photography go a step further to describe sexy photos of models. Where the most accepted definition of boudoir imply’s photos of non-models.

My Definition of Boudoir Photography

I admit that photographing boudoir outside of the boudoir kind of breaks your brain a little bit. That said, semantics aren't my jam so I consider boudoir photography to be any image of a woman that is both sensual and tasteful.

We don’t need to get hung up on what you’re wearing (or not wearing) or where we happen to be. I also don't care if you're a model or not. My sole focus to create classy, sexy photos of you that make you feel good about yourself as you are.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Ideas

Every photo shoot with me is a customizable experience that you can choose the style of. Our photo shoots can take place anywhere, and your boudoir photos can be as completely unique as your imagination will allow. Depending on things like:

  • Your hair style and color.

  • How you have your makeup done.

  • What outfits you pick out.

  • The location you choose.

You can greatly influence the look and feel of your final imagery. By focusing on these styling elements, your photos will have a specific flair unique to you.

Below are some examples where our clients style choices led to remarkable sets. Each session has it's own flavor because of the choices each woman made before her session. Keep these ideas in mind when designing your dream session!

Get Crafty

Being crafty is a thrifty way to enhance your final images so they leap off the pages of your boudoir album. It also saves extra money for photos from your session! A great example of someone who did this really effectively was Devon.

Her boudoir photo shoot was photographed entirely in her bedroom. The refreshing thing about her session was all the artful touches she added to generate background interest in her final images. Her crafty style made for a very location rich experience. This ultimately helped her get higher quality photos and more of them.

To make her photos pop, Devon hung a curtain rod, sheer drapes and string lights above her bed.

A great place to come up with cool ideas like this is to do a quick search on Pinterest. you can also image search “Diy Bedroom lighting ideas” to help generate ideas.

Grand total for this upgrade cost Devon $30 and was well worth every penny!

Also note the window dressings she added. Since window light is one of my favorite light sources, it makes a ton of sense to enhance this area of your space first. This single upgrade is very effective for making your images more elegant.

Finally I'd like to point out the decor of her bedroom. The chest she's posing on top of here arguably makes this image more compelling then just having her sit on the ground.

Candles are also a great way to add instant interest to the backdrop of your photos. Frankly anything that puts off light is a good thing to consider (the brighter the better). Candles in particular are crazy effective at adding drama and romance to your images.

Implementing these ideas will make your session more compelling and super unique. Most of these elements were thrift store scores or put together very inexpensively. Your extra effort here will pay huge dividends in the quality of your final images.

Rent Your Dream Location

Booking your dream location is an invaluable investment and will have a huge impact on quality of your final images. Siobhan decided to get an unbelievable location for her photo shoot in the heart of wine country. By choosing to do her session in this opportunity rich environment the backdrops of her boudoir photos are as diverse as they are striking!

You might be thinking to yourself “But I don’t have a dream location!” No worries!

That’s why we created our Preferred Locations List. It draws off our experience and gives you the short hand list of the locations we’ve tried and liked over the years.

Do What Works

knowing which appointments to book and when to book them is super helpful. This is particularly true if this is your first boudoir photo shoot. Everyone wants a photo shoot that’s one of a kind. I get that, but it's also super important that you don't try to reinvent the wheel and stick with what works.

What you choose to have done at your hair coloring appointment (for instance) is how you will make your photos unique.

Knowing you should consider coloring your hair in the first place AND having it done at the correct time are the sticking with what works part.

I created a pre session tips section in my boudoir guide to help you figure out what personal care tips you should consider before your photo shoot.

Once you know what you should consider, you can then book your appointments and relax knowing you have everything handled.

Even if you think you know everything you need to do, check out the boudoir guide anyway. My clients regularly tell me it really helped them prepare and generate ideas.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Outfits

Figuring out what to wear for your boudoir session can be quite daunting. This is especially true if you’ve never done one before. After photographing hundreds of boudoir sessions we’ve learned quite a bit about what outfits tend to look best on different body types.

Good outfit choices can literally make or break your photo shoot. With the proper lingerie you can enhance areas of your body that are already awesome. Good outfit choices can even downplay areas you might be sensitive about.

Additionally you probably already have a ton of sexy things you can wear for you photo shoot. Most women never think to bring their favorite T-Shirt and jeans for instance.

Lucky for you we created our world famous… I kid, lingerie guide to help you figure out what to wear to your session. We also went ahead and did the leg work for you and listed our preferred local and online boutiques to visit.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Locations

We photograph all our boudoir sessions on site. This is super cool because it means that we can do your photo shoot anywhere! This can include anything from the comfort of your own home all the way to the location of your dreams. Our sessions can and have taken place at:

  • Your Home

  • Hotel Rooms

  • Outdoors

  • Airbnbs / VRBOs

  • A Barn (true story)

  • Your Work (also a true story)

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tips

There is no single thing that you can do to fully prepare you for your photo shoot. A successful session is all about doing lots of little things leading up to your session. The small things you do to prepare all add up in the end so you get a great final set of images.

Jason Guy | Boudoir Photographer

Using our pre session checklist will help you prepare so you don't forget anything. Getting everything as perfect as we can in camera will allow us to capture and create better quality images for you.

A few things to think about before your boudoir photo shoot are:

  • Hair Removal

  • Tan Lines

  • Hair Cut & Coloring

  • Nails

  • Lash Extensions

  • Teeth Whitening

All the above points are optional and are completely up to you, but take my word for it and plan these appointments out ahead of time!

The expectation that the above points will get corrected later in photoshop is something you should avoid at all costs! Clients that plan these appointments out and execute them at the proper times consistently get better images than those that don’t.