Danielle's Boudoir Session

Seeing yourself as others see you

Understandably most of the boudoir sessions I photograph stay private for obvious reasons. Every once in a while however, I have a client that is brave enough to share her boudoir experience with others. I am super grateful to women like Danielle who give me permission to publish their sessions and allow me to share their boudoir experience with other women. 

A common misconception is that the women in my featured boudoir sessions don't have the same insecurities about their bodies that you may have. The truth is that even Danielle had insecurities she shared with me before and during her session. Despite those insecurities however, she not only booked her boudoir session, she absolutely killed it!

The thing is that Danielle didn't wait for the confidence to do her session, she did her session to gain self confidence within herself.

By bravely allowing me to share her session I hope to inspire more women to confront their insecurities and truly see themselves as others see them. Confident, sensual and worth it!

I'm just so happy :))) 

My favorite part of my job is when I get to show my clients their images for the first time at their viewing session. Based on her reaction I know Danielle got a huge self confidence boost from her final imagery and I loved watching her eyes light up as she saw her imagery for the first time. This reaction is what I live for. I get to see women discover their beauty often for the very first time. Danielle was always beautiful, the only thing I did was show Danielle's beauty back to her as I saw it in front of me.

The icing on the cake was the email I just received from her after delivering her final images where she said "I'm just so happy :)))

I love hearing that!

Update: Danielle received her album and was so happy with the results she sent me a picture of her holding it. So awesome!