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Rated as one of the best boudoir photographers in the San Francisco bay area, Jason Guy specializes in creating tasteful, sensual boudoir photos for women of all body types.

Boudoir photography is much more than sexy lingerie photos, it's an incredible experience. By simply showing you how beautiful you already are, a boudoir photo shoot is a life changing self love experience that will expand your confidence in way you’ve never imagined. 

Boudoir photography is a celebration of who you are, a discovery of one’s self, and a priceless self confidence boost every woman should experience. I want to take the best picture of you that exists and help you change the way you see yourself. This is my passion and my primary goal for every person I photograph.

Boudoir Photos

Get ready for an amazing experience that will transform the way you see yourself! If you're nervous that you will look awkward in front of the camera, worry not! Jason directs everyone towards sexy photos like the one's you'll see featured here.

Every woman is a unique individual with beautiful features specific to her. By directing towards a classical beauty standard, Jason will guide you towards the best pictures you have ever seen of yourself. This standard will also help insure that your images hold up well over time. It's very important to us that your boudoir photos be sensual, timeless and above all else, classy.

Boudoir Transformations

Boudoir Before & After

Some women that come to see us have truck loads of confidence, look amazing and want to document that. Truthfully though, most women that come to see us aren't radiating sensual fearlessness. Hell, you might be thinking that even though you would love to do a session, you feel that you lack the nerve to pull something like this off.

If this sounds like you we want you to know that this self doubt is INCREDIBLY common. That said this train of though is actually looking at the whole process backwards. Most of our clients do a session despite their insecurities and see their confidence explode after seeing their final images. The process almost never happens the other way around.

For most women this can feel like a catch 22. You want to do a session but feel like you lack the confidence to get the ball rolling. So what do you do?!? The blunt truth is that you're going to have to suck it up a little bit and know we've got your back! Jason knows what beautiful looks like and will help guide you towards it so he can capture it on camera for you.

Below is our before and after gallery from some of Jason's past clients. Most of the women featured here never thought they'd get images like this for themselves. In most cases they took the risk and did their session despite their fears.

Enough of us telling you about what you might feel though. It's better if you read it from them directly below.

Our Client’s Boudoir Sessions

Boudoir Photo Shoot

If you would like to see what a boudoir photo shoot with Jason is like, there is a section showing past client sessions on this website. In each post you'll see before and after boudoir photos of our clients and their final images. We do this to show you realistic, real world examples of what you can expect when you book your photo shoot with us! Some of these posts even contain BTS video of some of our clients. These BTS videos show the makeover process and sometimes our clients reactions to seeing their boudoir pictures for the first time. These reactions are incredible to witness and are our favorite part of the boudoir process.

Final Artwork

Boudoir Album | Folio Box | Wall Art |Retro Viewer

Building your self confidence is the main goal behind every boudoir photo shoot. Unfortunately however, memories of your experience will fade as time passes. This is true with all life's experiences.

We want your boudoir experience to have a lasting effect on how you see yourself. We don't want your photo shoot to be a fleeting pick me up that fades a couple after your session.

This is why we belive strongly in creating tangible, final artwork of your experience. Your boudoir album will help remind you of your beauty long after memories from your experience fade. Your wall art will serve almost as a dream board helping to keep your inner critic in check. His 3D retro viewer will preserve your vibrant relationship and keep things spicy!

Sexy Beach Photos


If you would like your boudoir session photographed outside we can do that! Most clients that want outdoor boudoir photography have access to a private location. If you don't have a private location and still want your images captured outdoors, you still have options. Airbnb rentals with outdoor spaces for example, are a fantastic resource to check out. Low traffic public locations, like secluded beaches, also offer fantastic opportunities. The trick is to get creative and do some research if want something super unique for your outdoor photos.



We service the entire bay area at no added cost so long as your photo shoot location is within one hour of Sonoma, CA. Jason can also travel to areas outside of this service area for an extra fee. Please contact us if you'd like a quote to travel to your potential location.

Typical bay area boudoir photography locations include:

  • Clients Homes

  • Friends/Family Properties

  • Airbnb's

  • Hotels

  • Outdoor Locations

  • And More!

Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Your photo shoot can truly take place anywhere. If you’re overwhelmed about where your session would take place, you can check out this article that covers Everything you might want to know about an outdoor boudoir photo shoot with Jason.


Weather you are in the best shape of your life, or are looking for an amazing self confidence boost before your wedding, bridal boudoir photography just might be the perfect wedding gift you ever gave to yourself… I mean him ;-) If you've slaved away at the gym and are in the best shape of your life, treating yourself to a boudoir session can be a great gift to yourself and a pretty damned good gift for him as well. 


Jason Guy | Boudoir Photographer


You totally don't need to be a size zero to do a boudoir photo shoot! Boudoir is first and foremost about making you feel good about yourself as you are.

I pride myself in being able to pose all body types to make you look your best.

Have you ever heard the phrase that the camera adds 20 lbs? Well, the truth is that bad posing can make you appear 20 lbs heavier, the GOOD news is that great posing, lingerie choice and lighting can can make you appear at least 20 lbs lighter!

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