Laura's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Laura's Boudoir Photo Shoot

One of the most consistent objections I hear  from women wanting to do a boudoir photoshoot often revolves around how they perceive themselves physically. I've had some women tell me they would love to do a photoshoot, but they feel like they are getting too old, or that they feel like it's not a good idea because their body has changed since they were in their early 20's.  If you're nodding your head yes right now to what I just said you should probably re-evaluate your mindset by checking out this before and after image from Laura's boudoir photoshoot.

Boudoir Before & After

JASON GUY - BAY AREA BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHERLaura is a 54 year old grandmother and mother of three!!! Laura wanted me to make that point for all of you reading that have been making this same excuse. You can absolutely rock a session, and walk away with breathtaking boudoir images as a woman in your 50's. Don't believe me or think I'm blowing hot air? Check out the images below and call me a liar with a straight face ;-)

Boudoir isn't something you do once you gather up the confidence to do it. Boudoir is something you do despite your insecurities to feel amazing about yourself as you are.

Edit: Read Laura's review of her boudoir experience below

"I am a middle-aged woman of 54, a mother of 3 adult daughters, and a grandmother to one. Many times, over the years, I considered having boudoir photos done of myself. 

Earlier in my life, I was curious, yet felt quite insecure. In addition to my insecurities, I never found a photographer who produced classy Renaissance-style boudoir photos of their subjects.

Then along came Jason who I was first introduced to when he photographed my eldest daughter's wedding three years ago. In addition to him producing AMAZING wedding photographic images, I got to know the overall quality of man that Jason is. Basically, I came to genuinely like and and respect both Jason and his work.

Seeing Jason's excellent boudoir photos online, and knowing my comfort with him as a person, I decided it was time to seriously explore having my own set of boudoir photos done.
The entire process with Jason was supportive, safe, comfortable and even fun! 

Having my hair and makeup done by Alex, and being guided by Jason to hold specific poses, made me feel prepared, confident and appropriately guided on the day of my photo shoot. Although it was a long day (approx 8 hours) from my make over to the end of the shoot, I found working with Jason's guidance to be enjoyable.

Just last week when I went to my "reveal", I was beyond satisfied with the images that Jason produced of me. I can hardly believe that at 54, some of  his images are the best photos that have ever been taken of me. I feel beautiful, powerful, and sexy, and am thrilled beyond my wildest imagination!!! My images feel like pieces of art, more than mere photographs.

I can hardly wait to have my photo book come in, to hang the blown up image (on metal) in my bedroom, and to give my boyfriend, his personal photo gift for Christmas!

I am hopeful that other mature women will consider giving themselves this gift of capturing oneself in a positive way. You will certainly feel respected, and be in good hands, with Jason and his makeover crew! 

With my overall experience, I can easily say that Jason Guy is by far the best boudoir photographer ever!"

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