Battling your Inner Critic

One of the most curious things I get to observe as a male boudoir photographer is just how prevalent it is for women latch on to perceived body flaws and build narratives around them. As a whole, we as men don’t do this nearly as much as women do. This behavior is actually something so uncommon in men I actually have to slow down and explain women’s perspective to men curious about why a woman would want to do a boudoir session for herself.

To further exaggerate this, I’ll show women the images from past clients who did their sessions despite their insecurities and often times they will make a comment along the lines of

“what the fuck did she have to be nervous about?!? She’s gorgeous!!!”

The truth that I think most women don’t realize is that the inner critic is something that infects the minds of women of all body types and age ranges. It’s a condition that has no mercy that I’ve personally seen exhibited in published models and mothers of multiple children alike.

Today’s featured session is from my recent photo shoot with Jami. As hard as it might be for you to believe, even she battles her own inner critic and did her session despite her insecurities.


Jami’s circumstance is somewhat unique in that she used to be a bakini model back in her early 20’s. The incredibly common thing Jamie does now as a woman IN HER EAIRLY 40’S, is compare herself to what she used to look like 20 years ago. Many of you will look at her images today and will ask yourselves how on earth she could even have an inner critic. She does, and this is her inner battle.

To all of the women reading this, your inner critic may fixate on the cellulite on your thighs, the stretch marks on your tummy or maybe even the size of your chest. Most of you can (and will) justify your inner critic to yourself in a myriad of ways different from Jami. Many of you will let your inner critic win and tell yourselves why you shouldn’t do a boudoir session. I say fuck that!

My mission is to shut down your inner critic and show you how beautiful and sexy you ACTUALLY are. The truth is most women do a boudoir session despite their insecurities. Simply put, my job is to kill your inner critic by showing you what I see when I look at you. This is my passion and what I want to do for everyone struggling with this in their own way.

OMG Where was this session photographed?!?

As most of you are aware, the two biggest ways you can enhance your session is with the outfits you decide to bring to your session and the location you choose for your photo shoot. Jami did an amazing job preparing on both fronts! Her session was photographed at a BEAUTIFUL rental house in Glenn Ellen, Ca. I’ll put a link to it below if you’d like to check it out for yourself. There was no shortage of things to do in this place and I honestly loved it so much I plan to add it to my list of favorite locations.

Most of the outdoor images were captured in front of the property on a lightly traveled public road in front of the house, so just be aware of that if you book this location with those shots in mind. All in all, I highly recommend this location for your boudoir photo shoot. It’s well furnished with great natural light and lots of opportunity!

Hair and makeup for Jami’s session by Sonoma County makeup artist Ducky Suboreau

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