SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA BOUDOIR STUDIO. My name is Jason Guy and I create studio style, renaissance inspired, boudoir photos for the San Francisco bay area. I serve clients of all body types to create beautiful, timeless images that showcase you at your best and give you the self confidence boost you deserve.

Rated as one of the best boudoir studios in the San Francisco bay area, I specialize in creating tasteful, sensual boudoir photos for the everyday woman. Boudoir photography is much more than sexy lingerie photos though, it's an incredible experience. By simply showing you how beautiful you already are, a boudoir photo shoot is one of the single best ways to help you change the way you see yourself and love yourself as you are.

When you feel beautiful on the inside you display that beauty overtly on the outside. With every boudoir photo shoot I do I have one simple goal: to photograph that person through the eyes of a loved one. This is my passion as a boudoir photographer, to show how others see you, and then show it back to you. Boudoir photography is a discovery of one's self, and a celebration of the beautiful person you already are.


Studio style boudoir photography is a popular choice and is done at my home boudoir studio in Sonoma, Ca. Studio style boudoir photography is simple and elegant, and can be done on a variety of backdrops. Studio boudoir photography is accommodated at no extra charge and is the most cost effective option for your boudoir photo shoot.


If you would like to do a studio style boudoir photo shoot, my home boudoir studio is located in Sonoma, California. If you would like to do your boudoir photo shoot on location there is no travel fee for anywhere within 1 hr of my home studio. Sessions more than 1 hr from my studio can be accommodated with an additional travel fee. You can click on the contact me buttons at the top and bottom of every page of this website to inquire about additional travel fees to your location. Additionally you are welcome to check out my "service locations" located at the bottom of every page of this website for areas that may fall within the one hour radius of my home studio. 


Most of my boudoir sessions are done on location in the San Francisco Bay area. These locations can be literally anywhere and your final boudoir photography can have the backdrop of your home, a rented airbnb or an upscale hotel room just to name a few options! 

Any location you choose can be accommodated at no extra charge so long as the location is within 1 hr of my home studio in Sonoma, CA.