Lindsay's Boudoir Session

Click image above to view the full session

My absolute favorite part of every boudoir experience is the final reveal when I get to show women their images for the very first time. The above video shows that experience.

Lindsay was brave enough to not only let me show her entire boudoir session, but also to let me capture video of her seeing her final images for the very first time. 

"I'm more than happy. It is a life changer for me. Like I said I have very low self esteem and just getting out of an extremely unhealthy relationship instilled that thought in my mind of not being beautiful, but just looking at those photos gives me hope again. That is why I did the shoot in the first place. To see me again. The person I loved and once knew." 

-Lindsay Alvarez

Hair and makeup for the boudoir session provided by Ducky Rickman

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