Alisha's Boudoir Photo Shoot

San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Studio

JASON GUY | SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA BOUDOIR STUDIO. One of my favorite things about what I do is taking every day women, and guiding them with expert posing and lighting to make them look celebrities in a magazine. Alicia was highly skeptical that she could look like the other women in my portfolio, but I told her to trust me and just go with it. From there I would take care of the rest. Alicia did just that and took the direction I gave her super well! The results speak for themselves and Alicia got some AMAZING studio style boudoir images from her photoshoot. 

I see many "boudoir photographers" who only photograph models. Personally I find it much more rewarding to give this experience to every day women who never thought they could look this amazing, then it is to photograph people who are practiced in front of the camera. This is my passion; to help every day women change the way they see themselves. I sincerely believe every one of my clients has something about them that makes them uniquely beautiful, and it's up to me to bring that out in every final image I create. 

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