Rebekah's Boudoir Photo Shoot

San Francisco Bay Area On Location Boudoir Photography with Rebekah

As a boudoir photographer I feel like I truly have the best job on earth! I get to show women how others see them under the best circumstances even when they might not be able to see it themselves. This is the strongest reason to do a boudoir photo shoot, to change the way you see yourself. This is my passion and what I do for my clients!

Rebekah is one of those shining examples that completely encapsulates what I do and why I love my job as a boudoir photographer so much! Rebekah came to me for her initial consultation and I knew instantly I was going to have no trouble creating a compelling set of images for her boudoir session. To up the ante though, she then made a request for her session that I instantly loved!

As it turns out Rebeckah is a lung cancer survivor with scars to prove it, and also has been involved in a serious car accident that left her with a fairly significant scar on her forehead. She asked that for her final boudoir images I not edit out her scars, and make her look amazing with them as they are a significant part of who she is. I instantly LOVED this! Just looking at her I knew Rebekah was a beautiful women and I loved the idea of making her look gorgeous and excepting all that she is and not hiding from any of it. 

The above video shows Rebekah's entire experience for her boudoir photo shoot and her resulting final images. Her final pictures are truly stunning and honestly this is one of my favorite boudoir sessions to date. I want to thank Rebekah for being brave enough to allow me to share her final images with everyone. I hope her strength gives you the courage to get in touch with me so you can experience a similar transformation and so you can change the way you see yourself.

Make sure and watch Rebekah's BTS video all the way to the end to see her reaction to seeing her images for the very first time. This is seriously my absolute favorite part of what I do and I never get tired of seeing a woman's eyes light up as she sees her final images for the very first time.

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