Christine's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Christine's Boudoir Photo Shoot

"My job is simply to show how other's see you, and then just show that back to you."

-Jason Guy

JASON GUY - SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER. Christine was openly nervous about her boudoir photoshoot before we started, however after hair and makeup artist Ducky Rickman gave Christine a full makeover it was all down hill from there. After her makeover, I coached Christine on how to pose her body and nail her expression with great consistency. Together we photographed one of my favorite boudoir sessions to date.

All the way leading up to the reveal, Christine was nervous with anticipation about what her images would look like. After viewing her final images, I could openly see how happy she was to see just how breathtakingly beautiful she actually is. Revealing a client her final images is my absolute favorite part of what I do and I can think of no more deserving person to give that experince to than Christine.

Hair and makeup for this boudoir photoshoot was provided by Ducky Rickman

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