Summer's Boudoir Photo Shoot

Summer's Boudoir Photo Shoot

"I want to take the best picture you've ever seen of yourself."

-Jason Guy

JASON GUY - SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER. When Summer first came to me, she told me that this was not her first boudoir photoshoot she had ever done. Having wanted sensual boudoir photos of herself for a while, she hired another boudoir photographer some time ago and wasn't super happy with her final images.

Summer was nervous about her boudoir photoshoot with me because she didn't want to have a repeat experience of being photographed for her boudoir session without any coaching on how to pose her body. I told her not to worry and that my makeup artist and I would take care of everything and make her look amazing. 

I think Summer was skeptical that she would love her final boudoir photography until it came to the day of her photoshoot. After directing her though some initial poses and seeing some images on the back of the camera I could literally see all of her nervousness melt away. Even seeing those initial images on the back of the camera though didn't prepare her for what she would see at her final reveal session. Watch the above BTS video until the end to see Summer's reaction to viewing her final images for the very first time.

Hair and makeup for Summer's boudoir photoshoot provided by Alex Tawney.

Jason Guy is a bay area boudoir photographer based out of Sonoma, CA. If you would like to learn more about a boudoir photoshoot with him, you can download his boudoir guide by clicking the button below

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